Relationships, Part 9: Secrets

If you’ve done the last few exercises, you may have squirmed a little, and maybe you have not been totally honest. When answering some of the questions on the Newlywed game or even when just telling about your day, you might have noticed telling your partner some things is easier than telling her others. MaybeContinue reading “Relationships, Part 9: Secrets”

Relationships, Part 8: How Was Your Day?

Most of us know this question as the desperate conversation opener our parents tried on us when they picked us up from school; as in: “How was your day, Billy?” said Mother as she surreptitiously checked in the rear view mirror for some clue of emotion. “Fine,” said Billy, rolling his eyes and plugging intoContinue reading “Relationships, Part 8: How Was Your Day?”

Relationships, Part 7: The Newlywed Game

You might not be old enough to remember the Newlywed Game on TV. Well, I am. Couples competed to demonstrate their knowledge of each other. Hilarity, and a few fights, ensued. It’s often surprising how much new couples don’t know about each other. It’s sobering to see how little old couples know. No matter howContinue reading “Relationships, Part 7: The Newlywed Game”

Relationships, Part 6: The Mind Map

It’s difficult to know what goes on in another person’s mind, often we don’t even know our own mind; but that doesn’t mean we won’t try. Being able to predict the behavior of others is vital in so many things, it’s impossible to resist attempting to do so, even though we are often wrong. MoreContinue reading “Relationships, Part 6: The Mind Map”

The Shrink’s Links: Difficult Conversations

Bringing you the best of mental health and relationship articles on the internet. Today’s link from the shrink is: Difficult Conversations We all have to have them. Many avoid them. Many screw them up by being too aggressive. There’s a book that tells you how to have a productive difficult conversation. This link summarizes theContinue reading “The Shrink’s Links: Difficult Conversations”

Relationships, Part 5: Getting behind the masks

You know the drill. You start dating someone and they seem like the most wonderful person in the world. Then you become familiar with each other and, all of a sudden, they are the spawn of the devil. You know the reasons. People are polite on their first dates. They’re putting their best feet forward.Continue reading “Relationships, Part 5: Getting behind the masks”

Relationships, Part 4: Hugging till Relaxed

Try this exercise at home with your partner. Hug her until you are both relaxed. When do people normally end a hug? Sometimes a social alarm goes off in their heads and tells them that if they held an embrace too long, the other one would get the wrong idea. Sometimes you hug until youContinue reading “Relationships, Part 4: Hugging till Relaxed”

Relationships, Part 3: Be careful how you tie yourself

Look at a shoes you’re wearing. Your two shoes go together, they match. No one can say that they don’t. Even if you lose one and leave it behind in the road, they are still a pair of shoes. Now tie them together, one to the other. Go ahead. Now try to walk. You’ll beContinue reading “Relationships, Part 3: Be careful how you tie yourself”

The Shrink’s Links: The Gottman Institute

Bringing you the best of mental health on the internet every week. Today’s Shrink’s link of the week is The Gottman Institute As I sat down to write a new series on relationships, I drew my inspiration from two influential writers in the field. One is David Schnarch. The second are John and Julie Gottman.Continue reading “The Shrink’s Links: The Gottman Institute”

The Shrink’s Links: Crucible® Therapy

The Shrink’s Links Bringing you the best of mental health on the internet every week. Today’s Shrink’s link of the week is Crucible® Therapy I recently began a new series on relationships. I should say that I haven’t come up with these ideas solely out of my own head. I have my sources. The firstContinue reading “The Shrink’s Links: Crucible® Therapy”