Anger Problems

Anger is what you feel when you’re feeling powerless. Anger makes you feel temporarily more powerful and it makes you look that way to others. But, its a sham. Truly powerful people have no need for anger. The display of anger, and it’s companions, rage and violence, is phony power and counterfeit control.

Intrigued? Here are some articles, followed by three books and a therapy link that could help:

What Anger Really Says

Why Love and Hate are Inseparable

Take Out the Garbage (Grudges)

Do You Really Have a Choice With Your Feelings?

Responsibility and Blame

Disgust and Disgust Management



Intolerant of the Intolerant and Outraged by the Outrageous

Acceptance and Patience

Why You Get So Cranky

Power and Powerlessness


Get this short book if you want to develop better ways of communicating with your partner and resolving conflicts.

If you have some apologies to make for your anger, this workbook will help you make one that should be accepted and help you change, so you don’t have to make another one again.

This is the book to get if you want to try to address the things that made you angry in the first place, so that the other party can recognize the part they played, as well.

Do you just need to talk with someone?

Try Therapy

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