Rates and Insurance

I am phasing out my involvement with insurance companies. New clients must only be private pay. Clients I have worked with before may continue to use their insurance until the end of 2022.

My private pay rate is $120 for a 50 minute session.

Payment is due at the time of our session. You may pay by a health benefit card, a debit card, or a credit card on the patient portal. You will be responsible for full payment unless other arrangements are made beforehand. Unpaid fees may be referred to a collection agency.

If you miss an appointment, you will be charged $60 . If you need to cancel, please give me at least 24 hours notice and you won’t be charged. Go to your patient portal to cancel or set up an appointment online.

If you are asking me to conduct an evaluation for court or some other official proceeding, this will require additional work on my part and there will be additional fees. Please let me know beforehand if you need this, so that we can discuss fees and other material needed, so we can be ready at our appointment.

If you need an impaired driver assessment, I can no longer do those. The special certification I needed was too much trouble to renew.