How to Be Close to Your Loved Ones Without Losing Your Mind

Spending too much time at home will put a strain on your relationships. You’ll get on each other’s nerves. Pet peeves will put your love at risk. Even if you get along, you’ll become like roommates; seeing each other continuously, but lacking real intimacy. So, you either drive each other crazy or get bored.

How to Cope with Being Left Alone

Chapter 3a of Meeting the Voices in My Head and Searching for an Inner Adult There had to be a time when I was a baby, left in my crib, screaming my head off, wondering if someone would ever come. Someone did, but not before a momentous realization occurred. Up until that point, I mightContinue reading “How to Cope with Being Left Alone”

The Face of the Other

Chapter 2 of Meeting the Voices in My Head and Searching for an Inner Adult It’s the first day of school and I’m late. As I step into the classroom, I feel everyone’s eyes. They’re judging me. I look down and realize something I should have noticed before. I’m naked. This common nightmare is yourContinue reading “The Face of the Other”

The Scab Pickers

Imagine turning on your TV and looking at all the programs, movies, and sports available. You have cable, so you have thirty-four hundred channels to look through. You have Roku and subscriptions to Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. There’s also YouTube. Despite this bounty, there’s one show you always watch, over and over again. Not justContinue reading “The Scab Pickers”

The Righteous Idiots

The addiction, the madness, the lying, the cheating, and the selfishness have just done too much damage. Your relationship is crippled and you’re not sure whether it will ever be the same again. You’ve heard enough apologies, forgiven too much. You can’t forget all the things that have happened. You’ve hardened your heart, dug in,Continue reading “The Righteous Idiots”

Wreckage on the Road to Reconciliation

Renounce Revenge Once you’ve gotten in touch with your feelings and values, you realize that you are hurt. The next step, if you took the path towards healing, is to renounce revenge. If you don’t, you are at risk of becoming the next specimen in our menagerie of people stuck on the Road to Reconciliation:Continue reading “Wreckage on the Road to Reconciliation”

Wreckage on the Road to Reconciliation

Playing the Victim So far, you’ve been bearing right on the road to reconciliation. There’s a good reason for this. To the left are all the hazards that come from not taking your injuries seriously enough: becoming an Impossible Martyr, a Denier, or a Discount Pardoner. You have gotten in touch with your hurt andContinue reading “Wreckage on the Road to Reconciliation”