Why I Don’t Specialize in Anything

As a therapist, I could’ve had a specialty; but I wouldn’t be the kind of therapist I am. I did some post grad work in family therapy and some more in substance abuse. I sought for ways to address the desire my clients had to quit using tobacco back in the days when few othersContinue reading “Why I Don’t Specialize in Anything”

Nine Kinds of Madness and the Hole in the Middle of it All

In the middle of everything, there’s this deep, dark, depressing hole. It’s a chasm, really, and when you fall in, sometimes there’s no climbing out. When we call it anything at all, we often call it death, brokenness, or despair. I like to call it the abyss, or, more familiarly, the hole or the pit.Continue reading “Nine Kinds of Madness and the Hole in the Middle of it All”

Walk the Dog and Understand How your Minds Work

(Image/Pigsals) If you’ve ever watched a person walk a dog, you’ve seen a good illustration of your mind at work. You have two minds: one is like the dog, the other like the dog walker. If you’ve ever watched a person walk a dog, you’ve seen a good illustration of your mind at work. YouContinue reading “Walk the Dog and Understand How your Minds Work”

Marriage Rights for Singles

We live in remarkable times. For decades, heterosexuals have been fleeing the institution of marriage; first, by divorcing in great numbers, then, by living together outside of marriage and by delaying it to later in life. At the same time, homosexuals have won the right to marry. They understand the benefits of committing yourself toContinue reading “Marriage Rights for Singles”

Machiavellian Therapy

I bet you never expected to hear someone say that one of their role models is Machiavelli, a man who has come to represent deceit and lack of scruples, but here you are. I admire him because he was the first proponent of Reality Therapy. If you look it up, William Glasser gets all theContinue reading “Machiavellian Therapy”

Will the Madness of the World Make You Mad?

In 1968 the Sunday Times announced they would give a prize to the first person to sail around the world, non-stop, alone. The newspaper would make a mint, covering the race. The prize they would give to one out of many who risked their lives, would be a relative pittance. The result was tragedy andContinue reading “Will the Madness of the World Make You Mad?”

What Color are Your Glasses?

You know what rose colored glasses are, right? People who are said to be wearing rose colored glasses are said to be seeing the world as only pleasant and happy. We scoff at people wearing rose colored glasses. They are naive, sanguine, and overly optimistic. But glasses come in all colors. They all distort yourContinue reading “What Color are Your Glasses?”

Telehealth Psychotherapy

A man I talked to the other day seldom looked me in the eye. His gestures were not in rhythm with the things he was saying. At times, he skipped half the words in a sentence. Once, he disappeared entirely and went on talking as if we were still together. He seemed oblivious to manyContinue reading “Telehealth Psychotherapy”

Cook the Negativity

You learn a lot quicker from negative experiences than you do from positive ones. The stick is more damaging than the carrot is enticing. There’s a good reason for that. If you get whacked hard enough by the stick, it won’t matter how many carrots you have. But the result is that you will continuouslyContinue reading “Cook the Negativity”