Check your Dashboard

It can tell you how you’re feeling I’d like to interrupt whatever else you might be doing to remind you to check your dashboard; you’ll find there almost all the information you need to keep things running smoothly. No, I don’t mean the dashboard in your car, although you should be checking that regularly, asContinue reading “Check your Dashboard”

Your Emotional Immune System

Personal and social antibodies for stress. …The body’s immune response is as wonderful and useful as it is disgusting and often uncomfortable. Thank God you have it. But you should also thank God, or whatever you choose to thank, that you have an emotional immune system, as well. For, while there is stress everywhere, mostContinue reading “Your Emotional Immune System”

An Introduction to Feelings

I get it if you don’t think it’s important to talk about your feelings. I really do. You see, I haven’t always been a therapist, asking people about their feelings. I used to do hard work: building things, cooking things, and growing things. When I was younger, I played sports that had me hurl myContinue reading “An Introduction to Feelings”

Eleanor Oliphant Might Be Completely FineBut Using Therapists to Resolve Your Plot Isn’t

Ordinarily, I avoid reading books and watching movies that portray head shrinking because I’m careful to maintain a work/life balance. But I couldn’t ignore Eleanor Oliphant. Continue reading →

Fresh Brewed by Keith R Wilson

There are two things I’d like to introduce. The first is my newsletter, Fresh Brewed, where I can keep you informed of everything coming out of my laptop. The second is my new novel, Who Killed the Lisping Barista of the Epiphany Café?, a murder mystery investigating the mysteries of life. I’ll be releasing thisContinue reading “Fresh Brewed by Keith R Wilson”


If you have ever been to a sawmill like the one I used to run, you have seen one of the most fearsome objects you are ever likely to meet: a saw blade at least three feet in diameter with teeth as big as a tiger’s whirring loudly just a couple feet from the operator.Continue reading “Freedom”