Igniting Change with the Principles of Motivational Enhancement Therapy

Most methods of psychotherapy are designed for the therapist to help the client. Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET) seems to be one of these; but it’s actually therapy for the therapist when standard Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) just isn’t working. Continue reading →

The Mind’s Instruction Manual: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual. What are you supposed to do with these emotions, thoughts, and behaviors? How do you get rid of the ones you don’t want and cultivate the ones you do? Somewhere, close by, a cognitive behavioral therapist is ready to roll up his sleeves and tell you. Continue readingContinue reading “The Mind’s Instruction Manual: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy”

Eleanor Oliphant Might Be Completely FineBut Using Therapists to Resolve Your Plot Isn’t

Ordinarily, I avoid reading books and watching movies that portray head shrinking because I’m careful to maintain a work/life balance. But I couldn’t ignore Eleanor Oliphant. Continue reading →

How to Help a Person Grow

The Ins, Outs, and Limitations of Person-Centered Therapy A therapist not trained in Person-Centered Therapy is like a musician who never learned his scales, basic skills for his profession. But, going to a therapist who only practices Person-Centered Therapy is like listening to a musician practicing scales. Continue reading →

The DSM: A Mad Attempt to Classify Madness

The Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM) is a large book, in five editions, that you will likely find in every shrink’s office. It has every kind of mental illness recognized by the American Psychiatric Association defined, classified, and numbered; all 157 of them. Your therapist will refer to it daily, not because it unlocks the doorContinue reading “The DSM: A Mad Attempt to Classify Madness”

Evidence-Based Therapy

In the peculiar land of shrinks, evidence-based therapy is a phrase we use a lot. It’s supposed to refer to therapy that’s backed by scientific evidence. But what they call evidence-based therapy is not evidence-based therapy. It’s a term for a standardized, manualized, commoditized therapy protocol. It’s not necessarily the best therapy for you.Continue readingContinue reading “Evidence-Based Therapy”

Will the Madness of the World Make You Mad?

In 1968 the Sunday Times announced they would give a prize to the first person to sail around the world, non-stop, alone. The newspaper would make a mint, covering the race. The prize they would give to one out of many who risked their lives, would be a relative pittance. The result was tragedy andContinue reading “Will the Madness of the World Make You Mad?”

What Color are Your Glasses?

You know what rose colored glasses are, right? People who are said to be wearing rose colored glasses are said to be seeing the world as only pleasant and happy. We scoff at people wearing rose colored glasses. They are naive, sanguine, and overly optimistic. But glasses come in all colors. They all distort yourContinue reading “What Color are Your Glasses?”