Intolerant of the Intolerant and Outraged by the Outrageous

Sooner or later, if you declare yourself as a supporter of liberal democracy, you’ll run into a thorny problem. Do you show tolerance for the intolerant? Can you permit the free speech of those who will destroy free speech? Should you give publicity to those who threaten a free press? Can you get disgusted withContinue reading “Intolerant of the Intolerant and Outraged by the Outrageous”

Living in Fantasyland

America gone haywire Has our country gone mad? Has anyone examined the head of America? Kurt Anderson has, shortly after the 2016 election; and his conclusion is yes, we have gone mad and it was bound to happen. He wrote the bestselling book, Fantasyland: How America Went Haywire. In it, he presents an alternate historyContinue reading “Living in Fantasyland”

Need a Map for Your Brain?

Not everything about Neuro-Linguistic Programming is phony If you’re going to learn how to be a psychotherapist, you should study psychology and acquaint yourself with all the theories of human behavior. I believe it also helps to read Russian novels and ponder philosophy. You can do worse than have a solid grounding in statistics andContinue reading “Need a Map for Your Brain?”

Will Your Therapist Even Notice If You Drink the Kool Aid?

Mental Health’s blindness to mass delusions Recently, a group of Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol in hopes of stopping what they regarded as the stealing of the 2020 election, something they were certain of, despite the lack of evidence. This was just one of many examples of groups of people who have drunk theContinue reading “Will Your Therapist Even Notice If You Drink the Kool Aid?”