Detect Dreams

When you’re stuck at an impasse. You find yourself gridlocked. You want children; she doesn’t. He wants you to go to church, but you’re an atheist. She likes to stay home; you’re always ready to party. There doesn’t seem to be any solution. There’s no way to compromise. You’re ready to call it quits. WhatContinue reading “Detect Dreams”

Don’t Force It

Especially when trying to bring about change My father was a car mechanic. When I was a kid, he tried to teach me all about cars, but I wasn’t very interested. After a while, he might have thought he was wasting his time, but one of his lessons stuck with me. I think about itContinue reading “Don’t Force It”

The Shrink’s Links: Constructive Conflict

Bringing you the best of mental health every week. My book, Constructive Conflict, has just been published in print and in Kindle. Conflict in relationships is inevitable. If you haven’t had a conflict yet, you haven’t been paying attention. Communication increases conflict. If you haven’t had a conflict yet, you haven’t really been talking. ConflictContinue reading “The Shrink’s Links: Constructive Conflict”