It’s Three in the Morning, Do You Know Where Your Schemas Are?

You’ll Need Them If CBT Doesn’t Work One of the nice things about being a reflective eclectic is I have loads of methods I can use to help people who see me for psychotherapy. Sometimes it’s simple. If you come in and say you’re anxious, I can teach you a method of breathing that mayContinue reading “It’s Three in the Morning, Do You Know Where Your Schemas Are?”

The After Visit Summary

And my take on Dr Melfi and Tony Soprano The best idea I’ve had about how to conduct psychotherapy, I got from visiting my allergist. Whenever I have tears in my eyes during a session, it might be because of what the client was saying; sometimes I’m deeply moved, but probably my allergies were responsible.Continue reading “The After Visit Summary”

A Good Faith Estimate of What Therapy Will Cost Without Insurance

Recently Congress passed the No Surprises Act, which is supposed to correct a wrong that’s committed when a patient enters medical treatment and later finds that not all their health care providers are in-network with their insurance company. These unfortunate souls have been stuck with high bills they had to cover. The act is alsoContinue reading “A Good Faith Estimate of What Therapy Will Cost Without Insurance”

What my Tennis Coach Taught Me about Change

How can reading a blog help you change? It can’t. You can’t learn to play tennis by reading, either. You’ve got to play. I took tennis lessons once. The coach asked me to show him my serve. I hit a few. I looked over and saw him shake his head. “We have a lot ofContinue reading “What my Tennis Coach Taught Me about Change”

Freud, Explained

Of all the figures in shrinkdom, Freud is the most revered and reviled, the most quoted and misquoted, and the most influential and ignored. It used to be that every shrink wanted to be like him, now we want to challenge him and be as different as we can. Perhaps this is what he getsContinue reading “Freud, Explained”

Relaxation Therapy

Bringing you the best of mental health. Once upon a time, a client came into the community mental health clinic where I worked, checked in with the receptionist, and, instead of sitting in the waiting room till I came to get her, went straight to the lady’s room and slit her wrist. She had slitContinue reading “Relaxation Therapy”

The Shrink’s Links: Book Review: Internal Family Systems Therapy

Bringing you the best of mental health every week. You are divided. You must have noticed this when you’re trying to decide whether to have that chocolate cake, or stick to your diet; when you rise, groaning from your bed, despite how comfortable that pillow looks; when you want to tell your boss to shoveContinue reading “The Shrink’s Links: Book Review: Internal Family Systems Therapy”

Everything you need to know about confidentiality

Counseling will work to the degree that you are confident my office is a safe place to bring up sensitive matters, but you will have to take some risks. The things we talk about are confidential. I will not repeat the things we discuss in a way that can be traced back and identified withContinue reading “Everything you need to know about confidentiality”

The Shrink’s Links: A Consequential, Niggling Detail

Bringing you the best of mental health every week. Today I’m going to write about something that should be irrelevant and of no concern to you, but may affect you, nonetheless: the licensing of people who perform psychotherapy. Licenses exist so the consumer can know who to trust and who has the necessary training andContinue reading “The Shrink’s Links: A Consequential, Niggling Detail”

The Shrink’s Links: Video Explaining Projection

Bringing you the best of mental health and relationship articles on the internet. Today’s link from the shrink is: If you read my last posts in the relationship series, attempting to explain projection and projective identification, and are still confused, then maybe this will help. Click here to go to the link