Relationships, Part 7: The Newlywed Game

newlywed gameYou might not be old enough to remember the Newlywed Game on TV. Well, I am. Couples competed to demonstrate their knowledge of each other. Hilarity, and a few fights, ensued. It’s often surprising how much new couples don’t know about each other. It’s sobering to see how little old couples know.

No matter how long you’ve been together, it’s time you got caught up. Sit down with each other sometime and ask the following questions. You might be surprised about the answers:

  • Name my 2 closest friends.
  • Who’s my favorite relative?
  • What’s my fondest unrealized dream?
  • What’s my favorite time of day for sex?
  • What was my best childhood experience?
  • What do I like to do with free time?
  • What do I fear most?
  • Name 2 people I most admire.
  • What’s my favorite sex position?
  • What’s my favorite movie?
  • What health problem do I worry the most about?
  • What was my first impression of you when we first met?
  • Where would I most like to travel to?
  • Do I have any kinks?
  • Do I prefer flowers or candy?
  • How many kids do I want to have?
  • Describe my first sexual experience.
  • What am I most ashamed of?
  • Where am I ticklish?
  • How was my day? Really, how was it?


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