What Color are Your Glasses?

You know what rose colored glasses are, right? People who are said to be wearing rose colored glasses are said to be seeing the world as only pleasant and happy. We scoff at people wearing rose colored glasses. They are naive, sanguine, and overly optimistic. But, glasses come in all colors. They all distort yourContinue reading “What Color are Your Glasses?”

How to Live Up to Your Potential

Let me introduce you to another object in my office: the jade plant. This plant, I think you will agree, is a beautiful specimen; as good as a jade plant can be. It is lush and green and healthy. It propagates well. It has lived a long time. Let me show you another plant, aContinue reading “How to Live Up to Your Potential”

The Broken Window Theory of Personal Relationships

Go to any down-in-the-heels, crime-ridden, poverty-stricken inner city and you are certain to find one thing. Lots and lots of broken windows. Most of these broken windows will be in abandoned buildings, where no one appears to care and no one seems to be affected. Windows don’t break on their own, someone picked up aContinue reading “The Broken Window Theory of Personal Relationships”

How to Re-Traumatize Yourself

First, a bad thing happens. Rape, murder, combat, abuse. You don’t have a lot of control over it. That’s the point. Something happens way, way out of your control. You barely make it. Now you’re left with the memories. That’s the trauma. Second, the memories come up. You don’t have a lot of control overContinue reading “How to Re-Traumatize Yourself”

The man who loved lobster

There was once a man who loved lobster so much he couldn’t stop eating it. He was surrounded by stinking lobster carcasses because he couldn’t take the time away from eating to clean them up. They stunk to high heavens. No one wanted to be near him and his lobster carcasses. Every time he startedContinue reading “The man who loved lobster”

When Madness knocks, don’t answer

When people try to stop the madness, they often expect to reduce the frequency of episodes. The want to stop having negative thoughts, anxieties, urges to use drugs, unwarranted guilt, paranoia, or impulses to do what they’ll regret. When they go to therapy and these things don’t stop, they get discouraged and figure nothing canContinue reading “When Madness knocks, don’t answer”

When Madness Takes Cover

So, you’ve stopped drinking, or drugging, or gambling, or sleeping around. Your depression seems to have lifted. You haven’t been violent. Your anxiety no longer makes all the decisions. You’re up in the morning and dressed when you need to be. The madness seems to have gone away. Has it, really? Madness takes cover sometimesContinue reading “When Madness Takes Cover”

Scarcity Mentality: Why you aren’t happy when you’ve got it so good

Food has never been cheaper. Houses never warmer in the winter or cooler in the summer. People not only live longer, but they stay healthier longer. Information about almost anything is at your fingertips. Crime and violence, by any objective measure, is at an all-time low. There’s opportunity to travel in less than 24 hoursContinue reading “Scarcity Mentality: Why you aren’t happy when you’ve got it so good”

What is Madness?

Someone asked why the name of this blog is Madness 101. Shouldn’t I call it Mental Illness 101? Isn’t mental illness the proper, politically correct term? It is, but it’s not really mental illness that I’m writing about. I’m writing about the related subject of madness. Illness is something that happens to you beyond yourContinue reading “What is Madness?”