The Therapeutic Milieu

Some milieux (the plural form of a fancy French word for social settings) are therapeutic, meaning they bring out the best in people; others bring out the worst. If you need an example of those that consistently bring out the worst, think of a maximum-security prison, a busy highway, the cafeteria of a middle school,Continue reading “The Therapeutic Milieu”

The Road to Reconciliation: Get out of the middle of the picture

Let’s say you are deeply disappointed in your mother, who never was the mother you needed her to be when you were a child. You want to get past this because, after all, you’re not a child anymore, right? The story, as you tell it, goes like this: My mother divorced my father when IContinue reading “The Road to Reconciliation: Get out of the middle of the picture”

The Shrink’s Links: Poetry Genius

Bringing you the best of mental health and relationship articles on the internet. Today’s link from the shrink is: Poetry Genius A great site if you love poetry, don’t understand it, or can’t resist telling everyone what your interpretation is. See the annotations that people leave. In this link is the poem by Philip Larkin Continue reading “The Shrink’s Links: Poetry Genius”