Relationships, Part 4: Hugging till Relaxed

Try this exercise at home with your partner. Hug her until you are both relaxed. When do people normally end a hug? Sometimes a social alarm goes off in their heads and tells them that if they held an embrace too long, the other one would get the wrong idea. Sometimes you hug until youContinue reading “Relationships, Part 4: Hugging till Relaxed”

Relationships, Part 3: Be careful how you tie yourself

Look at a shoes you’re wearing. Your two shoes go together, they match. No one can say that they don’t. Even if you lose one and leave it behind in the road, they are still a pair of shoes. Now tie them together, one to the other. Go ahead. Now try to walk. You’ll beContinue reading “Relationships, Part 3: Be careful how you tie yourself”

The Shrink’s Links: The Gottman Institute

Bringing you the best of mental health on the internet every week. Today’s Shrink’s link of the week is The Gottman Institute As I sat down to write a new series on relationships, I drew my inspiration from two influential writers in the field. One is David Schnarch. The second are John and Julie Gottman.Continue reading “The Shrink’s Links: The Gottman Institute”

The Shrink’s Links: Crucible® Therapy

The Shrink’s Links Bringing you the best of mental health on the internet every week. Today’s Shrink’s link of the week is Crucible® Therapy I recently began a new series on relationships. I should say that I haven’t come up with these ideas solely out of my own head. I have my sources. The firstContinue reading “The Shrink’s Links: Crucible® Therapy”

Relationships, Part 1: Marriage is for Adults Only

Marriage, or any committed relationship, is not meant for children or those that act like children, except when they are just having fun. On the other hand, we are all just children until we enter a committed relationship and make it work. Relationships add the finishing touches to adulthood. Think of the process by whichContinue reading “Relationships, Part 1: Marriage is for Adults Only”

I’m Teaching a Class: Relationships

Wednesday, August 28th | 7:00-9:00pm | Why Relationships Go Bad and What You Can Do About It When conflicts arise, many couples wonder if they really belong together. Don’t be discouraged, it’s never too late to create the loving relationship you want. What’s usually missing is information and skills not acquired in everyday life. OnceContinue reading “I’m Teaching a Class: Relationships”

The Shrink’s Links: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Bringing you the best of mental health and relationship articles on the internet. Today’s link from the shrink is: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse It is possible to predict the long-term success or failure of a relationship with 94% accuracy by watching the first three minutes of a couple having a discussion about aContinue reading “The Shrink’s Links: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”