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Today’s link from the shrink is:

Experimental Theology: A Meditation on Mental Illness and Metaphor

I have been a big fan of Richard Beck’s blog for a long time and there may be hundreds of posts he’s made that I could recommend. But, if you are on my website, you must be interested in issues pertaining to mental health. Therefore I will point you to a bit he wrote about the iconoclastic views of Thomas Szasz, a critic of the disease model of mental illness.

If you like this article and subscribe to Experimental Theology, be prepared to receive several posts a week in your inbox. Some will be about psychology, because Beck is a psychologist; some will be about theology, because he also has a fresh, thoughtful take on what we say about God; some will report on his prison ministry, because he never seems to stop. Whatever you read, you can be sure that you will never look at things the same way again.

Clink here to go to the Experimental Theology website.

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