New Class: Madness 101- Trauma

13RB_PROD_Teacher_KeithWilsonOn Tuesday, March 26th at 6:30-8:30 pm I will be teaching a class at the new Rochester Brainery, Madness 101.

I hope this to be a series, starting with, The Trauma Drama – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. But you only have to sign up for one class at a time.

Participants will learn how the past will overstay its welcome, what happens when it does, and how to make it go away.

This class will be a mixture of instruction and discussion. There will be no white coats or straightjackets! Nor will you be obliged to share.

The Brainery is located at Village Gate Mall, 274 N. Goodman St, Rochester.

The cost is $16. Click here to go to the Brainery website and sign up.

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