Dealing with Post-Election Stress

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On the eve of Independence Day, the Shrink turns to post-election stress.

There are three things you can do with your post election stress. The first two are:

  1. Speak out
  2. Shut upBoth of these methods work to some extent, but can also cause stress. Speaking out can cause stress when there is no positive effect, so people often try the second method; but that causes stress when they feel cut out of the conversation. Luckily, there’s a third method. Rather than choosing or alternating between the two, you combine the two. I call this method:

    3. Statescraft.

    Here I am in a video in the Speaking for Justice Series of Higher Group Productions. I briefly talk about post-election stress and statescraft.

Click here to watch.


Building Walls

Perfect Union Image

When people change from being non-engaged politically to becoming activists, the first thing they do hinders everything they try to accomplish afterwards. They rally like-minded people to their cause and build a wall. This renders their activism less effective and obstructs the exercise of statecraft. Continue reading

The Perverse Power of the Non-Engaged

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A large portion of the populace doesn’t get involved in politics and fails to vote. They say that voting is pointless, or they don’t like the candidates, or they can’t get time off from work. What’s more likely is they don’t like all the drama. They can’t stand everyone yelling at each other, trading accusations, and not getting anything done. They’re confused by the lies and don’t know who to trust anymore. If they live in swing states, they resent the robo-calls and are disgusted by the negative ads. If they live in safe states or gerrymandered districts, they feel powerless to change the outcome. They think they’re apolitical, but there’s really no such thing. Like it or not, they are still involved in politics. Continue reading

A More Perfect Union: A Marriage Counselor Takes on Politics, Part I

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Like any two people who come to see me for marriage counseling, these two have been fighting for years. They seem to make it a point to contradict one another. Whenever one mentions the other, their voices drip with disgust and contempt. Everything is perceived as an attack. Whatever one manages to accomplish, the other hastens to undo. They have very different ways of doing things; different systems of values. More and more, they seem to live separate lives. They listen to different radio programs, watch different TV shows, and read their own newspapers. On social media, there is some overlap; but mostly they have distinct circles of friends. And now, if statements are to be believed, there are alternate versions of the truth. It seems, at times, that the two don’t even know they’re married. If they came to my office, they would sit at opposite ends of the couch and glare.

Can this marriage be saved? Continue reading