The Shrink’s Links: NYS Department of Health, Bureau of Managed Care Division

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Having no health insurance can kill you, but having insurance can frustrate you half to death.

Many of the calls I get from prospective clients are people with insurance, but, for whatever reason, their insurance will not cover them to see me. Every other therapist I know finds the same thing. It has nothing to do with qualifications, skills, or experience.
It’s the game insurance companies play to keep you from spending their money.

Blue Cross/ Blue Shield/ Excellus may be the worse offender. They have the largest market share in the Rochester area and allow the smallest number of mental health providers into their network. Just try getting the help you need when you have that insurance.

Twenty-seven states don’t have this kind of problem. They have “Any Willing Provider” Laws that allow members to chose any mental health provider, rather than only the ones on their insurance company’s list. “Any Willing Provider” was written nationally into law under Obamacare, but in language that is impossible to enforce. The result is that, in New York State, you do not have the freedom to chose your provider. The result is that mental heath care is often inaccessible.

In this week’s shrink’s links I have for you the webpage of the New York State Department of Health, Bureau of Managed Care Division; just the place you would want to contact if you have a grievance against your insurance company. I’ve filed two complaints last year, winning both, regarding insurance companies that failed to honor their contracts.

Click here to go to the page.

You can also call 800-206-8125