Can the Enneagram Be Trusted?

Or Is the Nine Pointed Guide to Personality No Better Than Astrology? I’ve been coming across more and more people talking about their Enneagram type. Luckily, I’ve heard of the Enneagram before and already know what they’re talking about. I’m a Type Five, with a Four wing. If you don’t know what that means, bearContinue reading Can the Enneagram Be Trusted?

Your Emotional Immune System

There are germs everywhere; but most of the time, you don’t get sick because of your physical immune system, consisting of everything from the tough hide of your skin, to the snotty mucus of your nose; the white cells of your blood, to your ability to sneeze and vomit all the bad stuff out ofContinue reading “Your Emotional Immune System”

The Shrink’s Links: The Enneagram

Bringing you the best of mental health every week. If you were intrigued by my last post, Nine kinds of madness and the hole in the middle of it all, then you’ll love learning about The Enneagram. Enneagram is the Greek word for a nine pointed figure. The Enneagram is a model of personality thatContinue reading “The Shrink’s Links: The Enneagram”