Introduction to Dialectical Behavior Therapy Class

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If you live near Rochester and are interested in learning more about Dialectical Behavior Therapy, either as a patient, a therapist, or a family member, then I recommend attending this class on October 20th, by my colleague, Kate Knapp.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy, or DBT, as it’s generally known, is the treatment of choice for people with borderline personality disorder or anyone who experiences strong feelings and has trouble keeping on track without reacting like ping pong ball. If you are close to someone with these challenges, her class may help you help him, and maybe, help you, too.

Kate can break it down and make Dialectical Behavior Therapy comprehensible. She has lots of energy and loads of personality. Also, the class will only take up two hours on a Friday morning and cost only $50, a small investment that can change your life.

Click here to sign up.

The Shrink’s Links: Old Man Gloom

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If you were amused by the post I wrote on Keith’s Crock of Shit, then wait till you get a load of what they do in Santa Fe.

Every year, the Kiwanis Club of Santa Fe, New Mexico constructs a huge effigy of Zozobra (the Spanish word for Old Man Gloom, I’m told.) People are encouraged to fill it with scraps of paper representing their gloom. Divorced wives have been known to donate their wedding dresses. Then, in a night-time ceremony, once a year, they set it on fire.

Guess, what? The gloom disappears.