Announcement: My New Website

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If you ever write a book, I highly recommend posting early versions of it on a blog so you can get feedback and encouragement as you go along. If you establish a regular pattern of posting, as I have for this blog, looming deadlines can compel you to get to work.

Unfortunately, if your book tries to make any profound points, or if it requires readers to start at the beginning before they can comprehend later points, reading a book on a blog is not the best thing. Also, blogs show the latest posting at the top. So, if you’re reading a book posted on a blog, you have to read from the bottom, up.

This is why I have created another website, As you may know, I have been posting chapters of my next book, The Road to Reconciliation, as I write it on this site every Friday. I’ll continue to do that. More precisely, I’ll post the first few sentences of the new chapter; then, if you click on the link to continue reading, you’ll be brought to The Road to Reconciliation website where the text that I’ve added begins. This way, you’ll be able to see the new chapter in context and be able to navigate around the whole book easier.

Click here to go to The Road to Reconciliation website.