Today is a Special Day

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June 12, 2017. What is so special about today?

I’ll tell you.

Today is Superman Day, a great day to stand for what the Man of Steel stood for. It’s Red Rose Day, so visit a garden. It’s Loving Day, commemorating the day in 1967 when the Supreme Court ruled against laws that made mixed race marriages illegal. You can celebrate it by telling someone you love them. And it’s Peanut Butter Cookie Day, so bake some cookies and share them.

Have you ever wondered how these wacky holidays got started? Many of them were invented by Adrien Sue Cooper-Smith, a zany old cat lady from Chicago. Years ago, grieving the untimely death by alcoholism of a boyfriend, she created hundreds of them. She had been thinking about events. She thought, if you can make it through one day without drinking, that is an event, but it’s an event about not doing something. She thought it would make things easier if there was always another event to celebrate. She wondered, what could people do in lieu of doing something bad? They could do something to get them through that day and pull them away from what addicted them.
So, that’s what many of these silly holidays are for. They’re not just to sell you something. They’re there to save your life.

Click here to go to a calendar of events.

Click here to listen to a podcast that includes an interview with Adrien Sue Cooper-Smith.

Make today special, somehow.