The Shrink’s Links: CrowdMed

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Do you have frustratingly complex medical symptoms that have you and your doctors baffled?

Pay $199, submit your medical history anonymously to CrowdMed, and dozens, or even hundreds, of “medical detectives” will chime in. You get a list of suggestions, based on these detective’s rankings, to share with your doctor.

Do you have medical knowledge and want to sharpen your diagnostic skills?

Look over the cases submitted. Share your assessment. As feedback comes in from patients, your reputation rises, or falls, you learn more about medicine, and may even make some money.

Why should you trust a group of anonymous people, some of whom may have never gone to med school? I know, it sounds scary. However, you should be scared when you trust just one, who may have gone to med school decades ago and may have never seen your particular problem in all his years of practice.

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