Crisis Text Line

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Anyone who can text can text the Crisis Text Line at 741741 and they will be connected to a trained crisis counselor.

Anyone who fills out a 30-minute application, consents to a background check, and completes the 34-hour web-based training can be a trained crisis counselor for the Crisis Text Line.

Is this a good idea to turn to a minimally trained volunteer when you are in the middle of a crisis?

Maybe no, maybe yes.

Maybe no, because, in the Rochester area, you could call 211 and speak with someone who is much better trained and has backups in place to visit you in your home if more help is needed.

Maybe yes, if calling 211 seems scary, or if you can’t be overheard, or if texting just seems more natural to you than talking.

Is it a good idea to volunteer to be a crisis counselor for the Crisis Text Line?

Maybe yes, maybe no.

Maybe yes, if you’re looking for a way to help people out.

Maybe no, if you have your own stuff to work on and this would just be a distraction.

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I’ll tell you one thing about the Crisis Text Line which is an unqualified positive. After each text, the volunteers send data to Crisis Text Line headquarters about what the crisis was about. The center uses the information to spot trends and emerging social calamities.

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