Nine Kinds of Madness and the Hole in the Middle of it All

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In the middle of everything, there’s this deep, dark, depressing hole. It’s a chasm, really, and when you fall in, sometimes there’s no climbing out. When we call it anything at all, we often call it death, brokenness, or despair. I like to call it the abyss, or, more familiarly, the hole or the pit.

A lot of us like to believe the hole is at the end of everything, not in the middle; but there it is in the middle, right in front of us. We walk around it, gaze into it, slip into it, and watch others fall into it all the time. We don’t like to think about it. It’s impolite to even acknowledge its existence.

We live at the edge of this hole; some, dancing at its rim; others, peering carefully in; most, with their back to it, as if it’s not there. We often find ourselves reeling, dizzy at the edge. We cling to something to prevent falling. Clinging to something enables us to live at the edge of the abyss more comfortably. We think, if we start to slip, we can haul ourselves out. Unfortunately, anything we cling to starts to fall into the hole, too, taking us down, with it. Everything must fall in the hole, eventually.

There are nine bushes that grow at the edge of this hole. Nine things to grab if you feel you’re about to fall. Nine supports that offer the illusion of security as long as they hold. Nine kinds of madness when they begin to give way. Continue reading →

Published by Keith R Wilson

I'm a licensed mental health counselor and certified alcohol and substance abuse counselor in private practice with more than 30 years experience. My newest book is The Road to Reconciliation: A Comprehensive Guide to Peace When Relationships Go Bad. I recently published a workbook connected to it titled, How to Make an Apology You’ll Never Have to Make Again. I also have another self help book, Constructive Conflict: Building Something Good Out of All Those Arguments. I’ve also published two novels, a satire of the mental health field: Fate’s Janitors: Mopping Up Madness at a Mental Health Clinic, and Intersections , which takes readers on a road trip with a suicidal therapist. If you prefer your reading in easily digestible bits, with or without with pictures, I have created a Twitter account @theshrinkslinks. MyFacebook page is called Keith R Wilson – Author.

3 thoughts on “Nine Kinds of Madness and the Hole in the Middle of it All

    1. Thank you for your nomination. However, I must decline the honor. I was going to accept it and pass it on to others, but the slowness of my response shows that I’m really too busy for the addition project it represents. Too many heads to shrink in these challenging, unprecedented times. I did get as far as to answer your questions, so here I will post that:
      The Liebster Award
      When I first saw that I had been nominated for the Liebster Award by Shrubaboti Bose, I thought it was the Lobster Award. I thought, great, I love lobster. But then I learned it was Liebster, which means, I guess, sweetest, dearest, beloved, or endearing in German. Basically, Shruba was calling me, or maybe just my blog, darling, which is great, too. It makes my heart feel all warm and glowy, even if I can’t eat it.
      So, thank you, Shruba

      What do I get with this award? I get 11 questions. Here are their answers:
      1. Have you ever experienced a writing block, how did you get out of it or what do you think helps to get out of it?
      I often get writer’s block but avoid any ill effects from it by having multiple writing projects at one time and at different stages of completion. This way, if I’m not feeling creative, I will re-write something I already started.
      2. What is your spirit animal? (No, not your Patronus)
      Years ago, I had a series of dreams featuring pelicans, so I figured that was my spirit animal. Then someone got me a small statue of a pelican, which I use as a door stop and haven’t had a dream since. Did I offend the pelican gods? Or was holding the door open between me and the spirit world what they wanted to do all along?
      3. When do you usually get your writing ideas, during the shower, while taking a walk, in the sleep, mention if otherwise?
      Lately, I’ve gotten most of my ideas from listening to podcasts, especially having to do with philosophy or economics, which I apply to shrinkish subjects.
      4. Which book adaptation was a success according to you? (Film or TV Series, I know this is a hard one)
      I wouldn’t be a good judge of this, since I generally either ready the book or watch the movie, seldom both. One exception is the show, Hamilton. The biography and the musical are like apples and oranges and should not be evaluated against one another.
      5. How would you describe yourself, extrovert, introvert or an ambivert?
      An introvert who feeds off the stories of others.
      6. What would your ideal weekend destination be like?
      Hiking in the mountains.
      7. What is your favourite music genre or singer?
      To listen to while reading: classical. While at a club: jazz. During most everything else: rock.
      8. Do you think fictional characters are an extension of the author, why or why not?
      My fictional characters are all who I might have been if I was someone else.
      9. If you could be invisible for one day what would you do?
      Do us all a favor and see if I could get past the Secret Service.
      10. What are your dreams or aspirations in life?
      Absorbing wisdom.
      11. Why did you start blogging?
      I began as a way to publish my first novel, Fate’s Janitors, in a serialized form.

      1. Aww that’s completely understandable! I had to decline a few nominations myself after I figured how much time it takes to sincerely build one up and choose all the deserving nominees etc.

        Lobster award, haha xD

        Thanks for replying the questions so genuinely! This was a really amusing experience to read them and get to know you better. All the best with your current and future projects! Takecare 🖤🤩

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