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It may be too much for me to hope that you enjoyed my recent post in The Road to Reconciliation on disgust. It’s possible to write about boredom without being boring, it’s easy to write about anger without being angry, but it may be impossible to write about disgust without arousing some disgust. If that happened, then I’m sorry and thank you for giving me another chance. But, if you were intrigued, then you may be interested in my sources: two fascinating, but potentially disgusting books.

indexThe first is The Anatomy of Disgust by William Miller, a law professor who has written books about emotions to put all of us shrinks to shame.

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uncleanThe second is Unclean: Meditations on Purity, Hospitality and Mortality by Richard Beck. Where Miller is a lawyer, writing books on psychology, Beck is a psychologist, writing about theology. (There have been plenty of theologians writing about law, completing the circle, but that’s beside the point.) Beck takes much of Miller’s material, as well as findings from other more traditional psychological sources, to make a provocative indictment on the pernicious effects of disgust upon the life and mission of the Evangelical church.

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